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Product Information:


Celebrate any occasion with a smile with Jumps of Jupiter's vibrant yard cards! Whether it's a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or a new baby announcement, our yard greeting cards are perfect for any event. From bridal showers to retirements, and from welcome homes to open houses, our extensive collection has something for every celebration.

Not sure what message to display? Don't worry! We offer clever ideas to help you express your feelings. With our large letters, numbers, symbols, graphics, and more, you can convey any message you desire.

Currently, we are exclusively delivering and installing yard greeting cards in Pearland, Friendswood, and Clear Lake. Make your celebrations extra special with our yard greeting cards. Contact us today to book early!

We can do almost any phrase you can imagine and every sign includes balloon signs, stars, and 2-6 decorative signs.


Birthdays (samples below)

  • Happy 10th Birthday {name}!      

  • Cheers to 60 Years!

  • Happy Sweet 16 {name}!  


Anniversary and Wedding (samples below)

  • The Shower Is Here!                 

  • Happy 25th Anniversary

  • Celebrating {name} & {name} {wedding date}    


New Arrivals (samples below)

  •  A Blessing Has Arrived!          

  • Welcome Baby {name}! {weight} 

  • It's A Boy/Girl! {name} {birthdate}

  • Get Well


Celebrations (samples below)

  • The Party Is Here!                  

  • Graduations!

  • Happy New Year 2020!  



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